Sunday, May 17, 2009

Uncle Keith

My Uncle Keith passed away one year ago today. He was only 56, and had battled cancer way back in the 70's, and then again in the late 90's. He was my Dad's oldest brother. He was my favorite uncle, and he will be missed!

I'll never forget Christmas of 2005, he had just bought his awesome Porsche 911, and was taking those who were brave enough for rides! We reached over 125MPH, and that was enough for me! But it was fun, and a memory that won't be forgotten.


Angie said...

It's so great to have fond memories of loved ones. I think it is so wonderful when we can celebrate a passed loved one's life.

Shannon said...

Yes, it's great to think back on those fond memories! I didn't shed a tear yesterday. It was amazing. Last year when he passed I was severely depressed for about a month. This year, I'm happy. I just have to thank God for those fond memories. :o)