Monday, May 11, 2009

A Ranch Kinda Day

Well today the boys both had a dental appointment in Summerlin (far west Vegas), so after their checkups we drove out past Red Rock Canyon to a hidden treasure called Spring Mountain Ranch. Josh and I took the boys out there 2 years ago, and we've never been back until today--well, just the boys and I. I tell you, one would never know they were like 12 miles away from Vegas. SMR is paradise in the midst of desert terrain. There is a grass prairie, streams, tons of huge trees, wild burros, horses, a beautiful ranch house from the 1940's, and hiking trails. I felt so at peace out there, and wandered off into dreamland, imagining that we lived in that ranch house and the boys had tons of land to play on and roam freely. Anyway, it was just a dream! Sometimes it's fun to imagine what could never be!! Well, you never know, but I know that we'll never live out there since it is a Nevada State Park now, and won't be on the market in this lifetime!

My friend Andrea met us out there with her son Brayden and took some pictures with her fancy professional camera...hence the terrific photo of the boys! Thanks so much Andrea!!

I am exhausted from a long day of hiking, sun, and chasing after boys! G'night!


loveanjel4! said...

I never did make it out there when I was in Vegas, Sounds like I missed out!

Shannon said...

You for sure missed out! Well, not really...geez, you have Europe to explore!!