Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Most Recent Stampin' Projects

About 3 weeks ago, I got back into the stampin' mood!!! Hooray!!! The first card shown in the classic black and white colors I made for my boys preschool teachers. I used SU black and naturals card stock. The stamp set I used is Fresh Cuts, and the ribbon is SU black gingham. Oh, and the naturals cardstock was cut with my Big Shot using the Top Note die. :o)

The second card I made for my friend Julie S. for her birthday!! I used the pre-cut card stock from the SU Fresh Cuts promotion from last year, along with the summer designer paper (forget the name of it...from summer '08), really red ribbon and ink.

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We had an exciting visitor a couple weeks ago!! Papa (Shannon's dad) came to visit us for a few days. The boys LOVE Papa!!! It had been nearly a year since we had last seen him, so it was really nice to spend quality time. Actually, it's been a year since we've had any family in town, so the few times we have visitors, we cherish it a lot.

Pictured to the left is Papa with his grandsons at Spring Mountain Ranch, NV. We took him out to see Red Rock Canyon as well.
When we were out at Red Rock Canyon, driving the scenic 13 mile route, we stopped at the summit. There was this cool, 2-person scooter thing you can rent. I decided to take a picture of the boys next to it, since we've never seen anything quite like it!

Ethan's Snaggle Tooth II

Well, it has happened again....Ethan lost tooth #2 on 20 Jun 2009!!! Another reminder that our little boy is growing up so fast!! :o(

He's such a trooper about it, unlike myself (Shannon) as a child. There's no blood or tears. He just...pulls it out, no big deal. This time instead of being in the car, he decided to pull it about 10 minutes after we tucked the boys into bed. Talk about strange places to pull a tooth; first the car, and then in his bed!! All I can remember as a child was being in my parent's bathroom, crying and being assisted by my dad, needle nose pliers in hand!! Yep, I said it, my dad pulled my teeth out with needle nose pliers! LOL

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slippin' and a Slidin'

Josh and I decided to buy the boys a good 'ol fashioned Slip 'n Slide...and was it worth every dollar spent! They spent 2 hours out there the first day, and had a BLAST!!!
Evan, being our go and get 'em type of boy was sliding like crazy!!!! What a ham he is at just 3 years old!
Ethan is pictured to the left, and Evan to the right.

Ethan's Snaggle Tooth!!!

Well, today was THE day...Ethan became a big boy and lost hist first tooth! In the car, nonetheless!!! I was up at the elementary school here on base picking up the girl I watch before and after school, and Ethan decided that pulling it in the car sounded good. No blood, no tears, and no pain!!!
He is SO proud of his tooth! He wanted me to take tons of pictures with him and his tooth--so cute!!! His tooth is under his pillow (or should be, though I doubt it is now), awaiting the Tooth Fairy! He doesn't seemed convinced that she is real, and had about 50 questions to ask about her that ranged from, "Does she have a job, a phone, a TV, etc." Silly boy!!!