Monday, May 18, 2009

Josh's Promotion

October 2007, Josh was promoted to Technical Sergeant. WOW, and I'm now just posting this? Well, a few reasons. One, I haven't been blogging until recently. Never have been a blogger, but I'm getting better. :o) Two, we couldn't take a camera into the promotion ceremony, so we had to rely on the professional photographer who was there. We received photo print copies, so I had to scan them in, and just ran across them today!

So here you go! What do you think? Does he make me look super short or what? Or do I make him look super tall? That's the question of the day.
And then there's the family photo...well, we had extremely squirmy boys that day, and they were NOT taking "nice" photos that day. Hence the sloppy family photo! Oh well, it's quite funny now that I look back on it, and I'm sure it will be even funnier in years to come!
Have a blessed week!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Uncle Keith

My Uncle Keith passed away one year ago today. He was only 56, and had battled cancer way back in the 70's, and then again in the late 90's. He was my Dad's oldest brother. He was my favorite uncle, and he will be missed!

I'll never forget Christmas of 2005, he had just bought his awesome Porsche 911, and was taking those who were brave enough for rides! We reached over 125MPH, and that was enough for me! But it was fun, and a memory that won't be forgotten.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

OLD Stampin' Projects!!

I am NOT a consistent blogger! :o) However, I have the blogging bug today, and I'm taking yet another trip down memory lane. So here it goes: old stampin' projects that date back some 2 years ago to a few months ago. One of these days I will post some new projects, but I seem to make cards or other gifts and mail them out...but NOT take pics of them. UGH!!!

I'm also sewing some now, so once I actually finish something, I will post that too. I also am about a year overdue on finishing a scrapbook for my sister and brother-in-law. Sorry guys!! I'm not very organized, but it will get done. :o) Once that's complete and they receive it, I will post pics. It's a wedding scrapbook. I'm not a scrapbooker, and wish that I were, but I get started on a page and then get discouraged, and ultimately quit. I need some inspiration to get that book done!!!

Enjoy the pics. :o)

Old School Ranch Pics

Well, we finally got our PC that has all of our OLD photos back up and running, so I though I'd take a trip down memory lane.

Approximately two years ago, we took a trip out to Spring Mountain Ranch, the same place I blogged about a couple days ago. I remember that day like it was yesterday!! We hadn't been out here quite a year, and the desert landscape was getting...for lack of better words, depressing. I did some research and decided we needed to head out in the Red Rock Canyon area. We saw signs for Spring Mountain Ranch, and we though, hum...sounds quaint and nice. We were blown away when we got there! If you live in the Vegas area, or visit and want to get away from the heat and lack of green foliage, SMR is the place to be. As I have written before, green meadows, trees over 400 years old, a BEAUTIFUL ranch home, tons of history and more adorn this peaceful getaway--all for $5!! Take a picnic lunch with you and plenty to drink...oh, and a cozy blanket to lie out on the lush grass. It's a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.

While out there, go inside the old ranch house and take a gander. It's pretty cool to see the inside and imagine what is was like to live out there. While inside, they offer a free movie (like 8 minutes long) on the history of the ranch. It's very interesting, and includes the history of the Paiute Indians, who first established the area.

There are several hiking trails around the area, and you just might see a few critters out there! Nothing scary, a lizard or two, beautiful wild flowers, and trees one won't normally see in the immediate Vegas area. The climate is much milder as well, though there will be days around 100 degrees in the mid-summer, it's typically 10 degrees cooler out there because it's at elevation 3800 ft. above sea level. In my opinion, 10 degrees cooler sounds awesome!!!

Well, I hope you enjoy these "old school ranch pics." Ethan is around 4 and Evan is a little over a year old. cute they were (and still are), and how TIME FLIES!!!!

For more information, visit:

Have an abundantly blessed weekend! :o)

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Ranch Kinda Day

Well today the boys both had a dental appointment in Summerlin (far west Vegas), so after their checkups we drove out past Red Rock Canyon to a hidden treasure called Spring Mountain Ranch. Josh and I took the boys out there 2 years ago, and we've never been back until today--well, just the boys and I. I tell you, one would never know they were like 12 miles away from Vegas. SMR is paradise in the midst of desert terrain. There is a grass prairie, streams, tons of huge trees, wild burros, horses, a beautiful ranch house from the 1940's, and hiking trails. I felt so at peace out there, and wandered off into dreamland, imagining that we lived in that ranch house and the boys had tons of land to play on and roam freely. Anyway, it was just a dream! Sometimes it's fun to imagine what could never be!! Well, you never know, but I know that we'll never live out there since it is a Nevada State Park now, and won't be on the market in this lifetime!

My friend Andrea met us out there with her son Brayden and took some pictures with her fancy professional camera...hence the terrific photo of the boys! Thanks so much Andrea!!

I am exhausted from a long day of hiking, sun, and chasing after boys! G'night!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hi friends, how does this day find you? Exhausted, prayerful, blessed, stressed, happy, sad? Not coincidentally (since today is National Day of Prayer in America), I've found this week to be bountiful with prayer. I've had some issues of my own to work on, like being more patient and seeking God's will over my own. Thankfully He doesn't give up on my stubborn self!

I'd like to ask that you guys keep a sweet lady I was acquainted with here at Nellis through Chapel and Mommy group. Her name is Tina, and her hubby Kenny is active duty Air Force. They have a son who is 4, and had a precious baby Gabi who passed away this week. She was just shy of her 5 month birthday, and she never woke up from napping. I think at this point it can be assumed SIDS was the cause of her passing. I cannot fathom anything much worse than losing a precious baby. What heartache and pain they must feel. It's times like this that I sit back and analyze my impatience with Ethan and Evan, and realize that I only have them for a short time and then they will be grown up, or who knows...maybe with the Lord. Each day is a ticking clock full of potential. How did we use this time? Did we enjoy what's most important or did we flub it away on nonsense? I'm ready to get rid of the nonsense in my life and focus on what God has blessed me with--my family and friends!

I hope this finds you prayerful, blessed, and hopeful!
**I included a pic of the boys at Red Rock Canyon this past Friday. We took and mommy and boys trip to go hike in God's creation!!! As always, a fun but tiring time followed by a trip to Whole Foods!
Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's out there!!!