Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ethan's Snaggle Tooth!!!

Well, today was THE day...Ethan became a big boy and lost hist first tooth! In the car, nonetheless!!! I was up at the elementary school here on base picking up the girl I watch before and after school, and Ethan decided that pulling it in the car sounded good. No blood, no tears, and no pain!!!
He is SO proud of his tooth! He wanted me to take tons of pictures with him and his tooth--so cute!!! His tooth is under his pillow (or should be, though I doubt it is now), awaiting the Tooth Fairy! He doesn't seemed convinced that she is real, and had about 50 questions to ask about her that ranged from, "Does she have a job, a phone, a TV, etc." Silly boy!!!

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loveanjel4! said...

Oh my goodness his first tooth what a big guy! Cam says way to go!