Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ethan's Snaggle Tooth II

Well, it has happened again....Ethan lost tooth #2 on 20 Jun 2009!!! Another reminder that our little boy is growing up so fast!! :o(

He's such a trooper about it, unlike myself (Shannon) as a child. There's no blood or tears. He just...pulls it out, no big deal. This time instead of being in the car, he decided to pull it about 10 minutes after we tucked the boys into bed. Talk about strange places to pull a tooth; first the car, and then in his bed!! All I can remember as a child was being in my parent's bathroom, crying and being assisted by my dad, needle nose pliers in hand!! Yep, I said it, my dad pulled my teeth out with needle nose pliers! LOL

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