Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Poopy Kind of Day Plus Some Blog Candy!! Oh My!!

Well, today was a poopy kind of day. LITERALLY!!! But let me explain how we got there. It all begins with me giving up caffeine 3 weeks ago today!!! I knew it needed to be done, and it was God convicting me to do so (for health reasons), so away went anything with caffeine, except the occasional chocolate binge! Anyway, we've always eaten very healthy, but I'm always striving for ways to eat even healthier. The boys (around that same time I gave up caffeine) found my old Juiceman Jr. machine from like ten years ago. They begged me to use it, so I washed it up, fired it up...and what do you know, it worked!! We've been juicing (as we call it) daily, a concoction of about 7-10 carrots, 3-4 apples, and a pinch of ginger: Carrot Apple Ginger Juice. YUMMY!!! Well, apparently it upset little Evan's tummy quite a bit, and he decided to do his business on his little potty versus the big potty. He missed, got some on the floor, and it was gross. When I went to dump the poop in the big potty, it splashed back up and landed on my head (well, some remnants, not turds!!)!!! I was quite disgusted, had to re-wash my already clean hair, and change my shirt. Well, that about sums up today. It wasn't poopy the rest of the day, just this morning. Oh, BTW, stop by and visit Debbie, leave her some love, and enter for a chance to win some amazing blog candy. It will make your day non-poopy!!! Blessings:o)

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loveanjel4! said...

EWE poor poopy boy, and I can only imagine your reaction when it splashed in your hair! I think I would have flipped out! LOL!!